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Wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: new details

Speaking of yesterday, without exception, agree that the main news Thursday was the information about the wedding of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. As you already know, the triumph of celebrity staged in his own castle Chateau Miraval, located in Nice. The guests of the event were only the closest.

Let's begin, of course, with Jolie dress she chose for the important event. According to sources, the star opted for a "very traditional" white dress on the floor of an old lace and silk.

She was and veil. When Brad picked her up, he gasped - the bride looked stunning!

Also reported that their way Angelina has added decoration belonging to her mother earlier - Marcheline Bertrand. 

It is a small gold locket inside which is picture of her mother.

But Brad and his sons were in cream linen suits and daughters of the couple wore outfits that themselves have chosen. 

Angelina Jolie with her mother

It is worth noting that the wedding Jolie and Pitt took place without the participation of a priest. Actors in advance get a marriage license, contact the authorities of California.

Ceremony was held in the chapel on the estate. That's where actors and read vows to each other, touched by all present to tears.

They read out handwritten vows, which indicated how much they love each other and their families. They both cried, as all those who were at that moment near nimi.
Tseremoniya was short but meaningful. This is a great way to start a new life in their new home, which recently ended civil engineering work.

After the official part of the celebration, guests moved into the castle, where they waited for lunch - drinks and snacks of local production.

And if we started talking about a party event, the celebrities invited to the wedding of 22 people.

Only guests were the children of actors, as well as Brad's parents - Bill and Jane Pitt, his brother Doug and sister Julie, so total of the celebration was attended by no more than 22 people.

known that the 13-year-old Maddox and Pax 11-year-old mother led to the altar, 9-year-old Zahara and 6-year-old Vivienne throwing petals, and 6-year-old Knox and 8-year-old Shiloh carried a ring worth 250 thousand dollars, the design of which, by the way, bother each stellar family Robert Prokop.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with children

But Jolie's father was not at the ceremony: Jon Voight learned about the event just a few hours after the representatives of the actors reported their wedding. When do you get asked to make predictions about the next marriage, daughter, he confidently said that this time things will be different:

She Brad for quite some time, so this marriage should be more than happy for her.

He also said that he was going in the near future to congratulate the newly spouses personally:

I'm going to Europe this week to meet with the couple and their grandchildren. I have been waiting for this wedding. And finally, something happened - it's great. I'm very happy. 

Angelina Jolie with her father

As for the honeymoon Jolie and Pitt, it only lasted a few days and already ended celebrities have decided will not depart from France, and spend that time with your family in the south of the country.

Their children were riding on quad bikes and swam in the sea.

is noteworthy that even after a wedding celebration couple chose to remain in the company of their siblings, with whom they ordered food from fast food:

In wedding party, they gathered in the castle garden and eating pizza - it is so in the style of Angelina and Brad.

Well, it must be admitted that many of the actors fans are desperate and decided that their idols never tie the knot, but not far from it !

uskao again congratulates the happy couple!