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"You'll never be me," Madonna in the new song criticizes Lady Gaga?

 Madonna in the new song criticizes Lady Gaga

Mention enemies in their tracks, without mentioning this name - revenge is in the spirit of the world of show business. If you believe the tabloids, this method and used the Madonna to express "anti-Respect" from his two enemies - Lady Gaga, which is not only lazy compared with Madge and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

We are talking about two songs , leaked to the network. Both the singer recorded for their next album.

According to The Sun, a track called Two Steps Behind Me, seems to be dedicated to Gaga. What says Madonna in "musical treatment" to a colleague? Here's what:

you copy me, so where are my royalties? You're a beautiful girl, I admit, but to steal my recipes - it's ugly. Well I learned? Still, you'll never be me - no matter what you do. Can you walk like me, talk like me, but you will still two steps behind. 

Lady Gaga has repeatedly been accused of imitating Madonna

Guy Ritchie, Madonna's ex-wife, "got" the other track - it's called Heartbreak City. Journalists believe that it is the former husband star turns when he sings:

You say that I'm your queen, and then decided to freedom. You got what you needed: a little bit of fame and fortune, and I became you do not need. You tore me to pieces for no reason. Curse the day we met. Those memories haunt me, and I would like to forget.

It is not clear why the role of the villain of the songs from the press attributed it Ritchie - well, Madonna, of course, these guesses are not rushing to neither confirm nor deny.

By the way, it is not known whether it will hear these tracks the general public: the whole new album recorded about 50 songs, not all of which, of course, will be included in the track list.

Album will be the 13th in a row in the career of Madonna, his name has not been announced.