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1 details! Eva Mendes' baby looks like her

Eva Mendes' baby looks like her

Finally the baby is here! Clearly, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling now only have her little daughter in the head. While still came shortly before the birth of the rumor, the two would look forward to a son, in fact it is now but become a girl - and so was Eva's greatest wish fulfilled!

She wanted a daughter

The actress not only forward to have become at all mother - she can going to known to be Very good with children - but especially about a little princess she would have cheered wildly, revealed an insider, according to E! News.
 "When she found out, she freaked out with excitement! Secretly she wanted a girl, but of course she just wanted that the baby is healthy and happy! ",
 so the source continues,
"Ryan's been kidding, that his girls will now have him under the thumb and it must be now extra male!"
 Well, this girl power the boy must cope with now - but that he even don't mind! Moreover the small has noticed anyway quite A lot of MOM:
 "Everyone says baby looks like Eva and their facial features!"

Probably even more reason that Ryan now takes care of his two loved ones, as well, he can. Constantly he tell his partner, how sexy she was, and that she would simply be the perfection: "it sounds like a crazy fool, but he's totally romantic! They are both so happy and In love!"