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14 years later: Jamelia talks about beating-ex

The scars remain forever 

Jamelia talks about beating-ex

With their angry Tweet against the US channel CBS Rihanna domestic violence was the topic again in the line of sight of the public interest. Also an other artist had need to collect in the past bad experiences in this context: the Jamelia "Superstar" Stader said now in the TV at this terrible time in her life.

By her then-boyfriend the singer was beaten 2000 regularly, as she now revealed in the English TV: "I was at ' top of the POPs' in one minute and the next I went home and was punched in the face." Only with the birth of her daughter, Jamelia could break out of this intolerable situation. Long time it was difficult you, to talk about the events. Now she regret having been silent for so long, because their emotional wounds are despite all the years Not yet completely healed: "the thing with domestic violence is that you get over it never completely. You can thus arrange themselves and awarded it, but the scars will remain forever."

But since Jamelia has found the courage to tell it-also, to to To give the feeling of others in similar situations, that they are not alone her story in public.