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A new little war?! Olivia Jones dissed Harald Glööckler

Olivia Jones dissed Harald Glööckler

Even from image and professional reasons, it belongs to Olivia Jones as the Christmas season of mulled wine: fun and mischief join and spread a good mood. But who could therefore fallen into belief, this lady could not even shoot extremely sharp with words, you are wrong. For what the brightly colored society lady had to say now about designer Harald Glööckler, but is rather charmless.

In an interview with IN meant the recognition of the Hamburg Kiez that Harald as a "bloated Barbie doll with "I looked when she met him - and they rated all in all, its occurrence as a failure:" facial paralysis I've really nothing against cosmetic surgery, but if one looks after as his own ghost, but then what went wrong ". Pretty strong stuff that is conjured up here out of the hat. Whether this discord probably occurs because of the glamorous fashion designer once wanted to customize a dress for her because he still before she could ask, was pushed away by his security guards? Then he can only align her, she should still consult their management.

Smoldered here so It has long been a suppressed resentment, which has now developed into a fire? At least it's not exactly friendly disposed towards what Olivia had to say in conclusion: "Maybe he needs to do instead of a plastic surgeon now more of a psychologist."

Harald Glööckler

Olivia Jones