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A new victim: Vitaly Sedyuk attacked Kim Kardashian

Vitaly Sedyuk attacked Kim Kardashian

Notorious Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Sedyuk added a list of its stellar victims - this man attacked Kim Kardashian. Thank you for the news blogger Lesya22.

The incident took place in France, where telediva arrived at Paris Fashion Week: Kim with her husband and Kanye West's mother Kris Jenner came to the show Balmain, where she was waiting Sedyuk. When a celebrity came out of the limo, he threw himself at her feet and tried to knock him down.

But there it was, bodyguards Kardashian reacted instantly - on the ground was not Kim, and the journalist.

Kim Kardashian

Vitaly Sedyuk attacked Kim Kardashian

Vitaly Sedyuk

Sedyuk later commented on his act. According to him, this "prank" became a kind of protest, and the most Kardashian he did not want anything bad:

Mischief with Kim - this is my protest against the fact that I was denied entry into the United States. I hope that Kim and can not be mad at me because I did not want to do anything wrong. Kanye lucky as Kim goddess.

Moreover, the journalist published on his page on Instagram self made against the background of the car arrived at the show with celebrities. The caption to the photo, he also repeated his words:

Kanye, you're a lucky man! Kim is gorgeous!

Vitaly Sedyuk attacked

But under the skirt of Anna Dello Russo Sedyuk somehow did not climb, and simply photographed with the creative director of the Japanese gloss keepsake. Come disassemble this journalist!

Vitaly Sedyuk and Anna Dello Russo