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A ring ensures speculation: Hat Jeremy Renner seine Ex-Freundin geheiratet?

Hat Jeremy Renner seine Ex-Freundin geheiratet

He is single or yet again with his ex-girlfriend together? Long, the public knew no answer to this question - so far!

During an interview with Capitol file seemed Jeremy Renner in a talking mood to have been there, he called his wife, his real ex girlfriend Sonni Pacheco? And also his appearance underpins the adoption of a secret wedding of two on Tuesday evening to the screening of his new film "Kill the Messenger". There was mission: impossible actor with a flashy bling on the ring finger. Asked about, whether he have married the mother of his young daughter Ava Berlin, he replied with the words: "you should not be killed by my life. Privacy is important, because I want that she can go through the day without being harassed. Paparazzi follow me, it's Ok, but I don't like it when they do it then, when I'm with my family." After a unique marriage Disclaimer this statement doesn't sound though, but one understands well his wish after a quiet private life.

Ex-Freundin geheiratet