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Actress Natalia Zemtsova of the series "Eighties" gave birth to a son, Ivan.

Actress Natalia Zemtsova of the series "The Eighties" gave birth to a son, Ivan.

Before the start of the new, fourth season of "Eighties" on STS channel, there is good news: a few days ago actress Natalia Zemtsova, which plays the role of Inga Borodina, became a mother. The girl's son, Ivan, although Natalia until recently was sure what would happen to the girl, and even had time to choose a name for it.

Interesting position of the actress has made adjustments to the shooting plan: it was necessary to make two scenes with her participation until Zemtsova belly was not yet visible. Meet the new framework for the film crew could not - Natalia returned to the show on the 7th month of pregnancy, and changes in the figure managed to hide the costume.

While viewers will see a series of recent match for the fate of Inga Borodina, Natalia Zemtsova can relax, spend time with family and ... completely change the image.
"I have long wanted a short haircut. But since coming out of a project and immediately came to the other, I could not radically change the image. But once finished shooting "Eighties", after which I, being pregnant, not planned immediately removed somewhere else, I went and short hair cut. Honestly, was satisfied
- I would whole life went. I think this is more individuality. But to work, probably have little hair to grow "
- says the actress.

Natalia Zemtsova with son