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Adrian Peterson accused

Adrian Peterson accused

American football star is said to have abused child!

American football star Adrian Peterson is himself the father of several children - between five and seven it should be if we are to believe his ex-girlfriends. Some of his offspring does not even have to know the athletes. Now, however, the shock-message: The newly married American football star is accused of child abuse!

The state child protection agency has confirmed, according to TMZ, that she was working on a case in Adrian and a eleven year old boy were involved. According to sources, the alleged victim was a male child from Minnesota, Adrian visited at his home in Texas. The boy's mother had discovered injuries on the body of her son after he returned and brought this to the doctor - so the case should be started rolling. In addition, the defendant was yesterday not to train his team, the Minnesota Vikings, appeared, it said. Today, however, it should be resurfaced on the field and there have omitted fooling around.

Last year Adrian Peterson was in the headlines because his then two year old son came in dramatic circumstances killed: The stepfather of the small is supposed to have done to the boys violence.