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After car crash with Selena: Justin Bieber in hospital after accident

Justin Bieber in hospital after accident

Really wanted Justin Bieber in his Canadian home for a relaxing holiday with Selena Gomez. However, the peace and quiet came to an abrupt end when the couple was involved during a quad bike excursion in an accident with a minivan and Justin was briefly detained. But apparently the crash had other consequences for Justin, because after the accident, he had to be treated in a hospital!

After Justin and his girlfriend in Stratford, Ontario, Justin's hometown, had a car accident, had in a known manner Bieber to march the police, because Justin and the driver of the van gave a big row. The singer was then briefly detained because of the fisticuffs and his reckless driving style, but quickly released. Whether Justin did not notice about the excitement that he had been injured, or his pain had a different origin, can only be surmised. However, a few days after the incident, according to TMZ he settled in Stratford General Hospital treat. But do not worry, he has only sprained his wrist and will soon be his old self again. But in the future the 20-year-old had better go back a gear and go a bit off the gas.

Selena video of the quad bike excursion You can watch again here: