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Alexander Gradskiy brought the newborn son in Moscow

Alexander Gradskiy

The singer and his wife, Marina Kotashenko came back from New York

More than three weeks ago in the home of the famous singer Alexander Gradsky and his civilian wife Marina Kotashenko happened recharging is a 33-year-old model gave birth to a 65-year-old artist son in one of the elite New York clinics. The baby was named after his father, Alexander. A few days after the birth of the heir of Alexander Gradsky went to the United States to take up the long-awaited son and hug a beloved woman.

Once Gradskomu-the youngest was three weeks, doctors allowed parents to take son to Moscow. This morning the happy couple was spotted together with the child in the Sheremetyevo Airport. 65-year-old musician has carefully kept the newborn Alexander arms, sometimes grudgingly giving the baby his wife to help the driver with your luggage to the car. Young mother Marina Kotashenko negate the eye with the child, gently rocking little Sasha.

Alexander Gradskiy

Marina Kotashenko