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Aliana Gobozova ill feelings from the divorce

After a long scandal with her husband Aliana Gobozova can not get in shape and very bad feeling.

Participant of "House-2" Aliana Gobozova complained of feeling unwell. According to a young mother, she ispytvat serious health problems, but can not understand what the cause, and intends in the near future to see a doctor. "The whole month I feel very bad. I was constantly nauseous, dizzy, no appetite ... I lost 10 lbs. I think it's all because of nerves, but I still want to go to the hospital, "- wrote in his blog Aliana. She also complained that suffers from a lot of negativity, and would soon go on vacation, or at least move to a city apartment.

Recall that the scandal in the family Gobozova broke out in late summer. Alexander Gobozova accused of treason to his young wife - allegedly Sasha having fun with one of the beauties of Pyatigorsk, while Aliana nursed their common son Robert. Couple argue about what was and what was not seriously talked about divorce and shared apartment, Aliana in the wake of viewer interest in the competition won "Man of the Year." Finally lovers were able to reconcile and are now trying to forget everything bad, but apparently, the effects of stress on the health too Alia. In addition, live in peace young family do not give my grandmother, Svetlana and Olga, who are constantly in conflict