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Already? Cara Delevingne working on biography

Cara Delevingne working on biography

From the catwalk to the desk, Cara Delevingne motto seems to be lately. Because supposedly the British model wool are already working in their young years on an autobiography. Focus should be placed but not on her catwalk career but rather on her childhood and youth.

"Cara wants to document before she became famous their life. She is not interested To write about their meteoritenhaften rise in the world of fashion", told a source told Daily Star. Celebration-technical excesses and her past relationship with Michelle Rodriguez would To find so apparently no mention. Rather, the 22-year old mind was interested in detail to portray their young years.

Whether Cara could turn out a really serious side through her work, however, remains questionable, because still told the Insider: "you want to no great revelations involve. It is only. a collection of bizarre thoughts and anecdotes" Just as we know the blonde!