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Anna Maria Damm pleased: Here is the "Land of Fashion"!

Anna Maria Damm

Seek and you shall find. This also applies to the search for the most stylish of Germany, which now celebrated its spectacular finale in Barcelona. The celebrities of casual East was up front, the celebrity flash readers chose the elegant west to her fashion-region number 1 But who has won? Where is the "Land of Fashion"?

The YouToube-girls Maren Merkel, Dagi Bee, Ebru Ergüner and Anna Maria Damm took over the sponsorship for each region and studied under numerous candidates four finalists from that now in Barcelona fought for the title. Ultimately could make the race the protege of ex-GNTM candidate Anna Maria. Tanya Friesen was able to prevail against the competition and won the title "Land of Fashion".

For the South "The challenges were not without, but nevertheless there were among us girls no competition," says the enthusiastic winners. "Fortunately, Anna Maria was always by my side and supported me, I think we were really the best team." Even at the Model-Challenge, in which Tanja had to deal with a snake in scene, she proved her style qualities. So that they have the edge, they could now prove also in Spain.

Dagi Bee, Maren Merkel, Ebru Erguner, Anna Maria Damm