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Are Kristen Wiig and Scott Speedman as a couple?

There are circulating dating rumors

The rumor mill to "Walter Mitty" star Kristen Wiig and "Underworld" actor Scott Speedman is at a boil. The two should be more than just friends allegedly. For now they were spotted enjoying a romantic date.

A source is said to have discovered the two together in Toronto recently. Compared with InTouch he said that the actor at the Toronto Film Festival were together and should have kept at the after party even holding hands. "Kristen is really into Scott., You have the whole night laughed and talked a lot," divulges the insider. The alleged couple is said to have left the party together. Officially Scott is still with his girlfriend Camille De Pazzi. . The two were seen but most recently in February 2014 together in public - a separation has not yet been announced

This reminds a bit of Scott's previous relationship with Teresa Palmer from: The he had also made leave the blue and started shortly after a new liaison.

Are Kristen Wiig and Scott Speedman as a couple