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Art-freedom! Miley Cyrus fights in the Dominican Republic

The concert ban in the Dominican Republic does not want Miley Cyrus can sit up. Because it is contrary to their obscene performances against morals and manners, their fans have to give in the island nation on the show the singer. So not! The lawyers of the scandal noodle go now to the barricades -. Refusal of gigs contrary to the local constitution 

"Miley wants to artistic freedom for all defend" a source told E !. The population of the Dominican Republic is even a majority behind the government's decision: In a survey, to 64 percent of the participants have been called the Miley-spell for good, only 36 percent had therefore a problem with the curtailment of freedom of art. But who knows how representative this survey actually was. The singer in any case fighting for their profession and for all the fans who have already looking forward to their concert on September 13 in Santo Domingo.