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Avril Lavigne: Bitter marital crisis due to baby desire?

Divorce rumors are circulating

Once it must have been pretty in draped with violins rock love heaven by Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne. Meanwhile, however, the romantic feelings seem to have subsided, rumors are already circulating of a possible divorce. But why the couple should try to separate after such a short marriage? As with so many other couples, it is probably in the house Kroeger-Lavigne especially to family planning, the divorce but the actually connected spirits.

"They fight because of many things., You want a baby and he can not use now because he is going on tour, "says an insider, according to Radar Online. But not only the strong desire for a child, this relationship obviously with a difficult ordeal, Avril seems her husband generally not exactly be trusted a suitable family behavior. "She trusts Chad not, she's got every reason He supposed his ex-girlfriend with Avril have cheated - and then he left this also "

However, there is also a purely business issue between the two.. Because Chad is not least responsible for a large part of Avril's fifth studio album - which unfortunately lagged far behind the success of their previous discs. "Avril has the word divorce is not yet placed in the mouth," said the source. It adds little euphemistically nonetheless added: "The eternal dispute between the two are nothing more that they could not hide."

Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne