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Baby on the move: Sam Worthington is Daddy!

Baby on the move Sam Worthington is Daddy!

Facts follow the rumors finally: Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle expecting their first child together.

Already, it is speculated that the beautiful model is pregnant. Last seen it and the avatar star during a joint visit to the doctor in New York, after which she suspiciously often included on the belly. A few days earlier she held a leather jacket from her belly, when she saw the photographer, to cover him. The couple has Not yet officially said, but now unique information are of US weekly, which should prove the pregnancy.

You can wait on a statement of the parents probably, because both are Very much consistent when it comes to protecting their privacy. This fact led to that Sam was arrested in February of this year, after he punched a photographer, who should have been after Lara. Is to be hoped that the paparazzi are despite the baby news in check, so that no further incidents occur, because you know one: stress is pure poison for pregnant women.

Lara Bingle