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Britney Spears: "I need a hot guy!"

Britney Spears

Looks like Britney Spears, became the focus of media attention in the last week in connection with parting with David Lucado, got a taste and continues to fuel interest in himself antics varying degrees of eccentricity.

So, during her show A Piece of Me, held in Las Vegas, pop star turned to the crowd, saying:

Well, as you know, I changed my guy. But there is good news: now I'm going to go on dates more often.

Then, as reported by foreign colleagues, Brit and all suffered, and she said:

I need a hot guy! Where's the hot guys today ?!

If you missed the news about the changes in the personal life of the singer, recall David Lucado changed Britney allegedly recorded on some videos, dissemination of which, by the way, lets Jamie Spears, bought the rights to record. Deceived and betrayed pop icon hard going through the gap, but to forgive apostate (which, as they say, is not happy parting too) does not intend to.

According to an insider:

She just will not go to the reunion: all over between them forever.

In short, the behavior of the singer can not guard us. We sincerely hope that soon she be all right - and in relations with the opposite sex, and with his father, and with itself.