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BTN Wedding: Peggy was so beautiful as a bride

BTN Wedding_Peggy was so beautiful as a bride

In the second attempt everything will be fine! Finally are Peggy and Joe - the absolute dream couple of the reality show Berlin - Tag & Nacht - under the hood. We just remember: In the 200th anniversary episode, the two were supposed to be married, but WG-Papa Joe had his beautiful bride - then Peggy wore a pink and white patterned dress - sitting just before the wedding ceremony. Now it was for the couple but still a happy ending!

Now all in white Peggy ventured the step a second time and was not disappointed. Together with all their friends celebrated omitted, danced and certainly shed the odd little tears

Peggy opted for a strapless dress in the mullet style. Front short back long and so charmed not only their Joe but also the guests. The long blond hair she wore open, a subtle piece of jewelry made the hairstyle work failed. After the moving ceremony the newlyweds then celebrated into the early morning! Well that ends well!

Tag Und Nacht wedding

Tag & Nacht wedding