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Candid photos of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence will be shown at the exhibition

Candid photos of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence will be shown at the exhibition

Candid photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other stars that hackers posted a net on August 31 will be shown on the art exhibition in Los Angeles in October. The news was reported by representatives arts center Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA).

So scandalous pictures will become part of the creative campaign, the Los Angeles artist XVALA titled "Fear Google" (Fear Google) and will be presented to the public during the show "Not Removed" (No Delete). For seven years, the artist was looking through a search engine footage stars, photographed in the most intimate moments. All photographs were taken or the paparazzi or extracted by hackers.

XVALA himself stated the following:

We share our secrets with technology. And when we do so, our personal lives become available to others. In modern culture, everyone wants to know everything about everyone. Personal life of an individual has become caring everyone else.

As the press release of the art center, candid celebrity photos will be printed on canvas in its original form. In addition to these staff, guests will also be able to assess the exposure portrait of Britney Spears with a shaved head. Plus, the artist will show pictures in which a nude Scarlett Johansson walks around Los Angeles, and its most interesting parts of the body covers the logo Fear Google.

Recall that the case of explicit pictures leak stars FBI is investigating. Presumably, the hackers were able to steal pictures, cracking "cloud" service Apple iCloud, although the corporation denies. Porn sites and other Internet resources refuse to remove the scandalous footage, despite the threat of celebrity lawyers. Celebrities do not have the copyright on the photo, so to prove anything in court will be problematic.