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Caramba! Miley Cyrus, faces prison in Mexico

Singer Miley Cyrus has shown disrespect to the Mexican flag, and now she faces a real prison term.

It does not take a single week to Miley Cyrus was not implicated in any ordinary scandal. At this time, the former Disney "good girl" completely spoiled relations with Mexico, when allowed herself to touch the Mexican flag to their own priest on stage

Caramba! Miley Cyrus, faces prison in Mexico

Congress of the Mexican state of Nuevo León demands from the authorities of the country to bring the singer to justice. According to local laws, Miley face imprisonment for up to 36 hours or a fine of $ 1,200.

The incident took place during a speech Cyrus Monterrey, Mexico, when one of the dancers of the singer for some reason began to whip on the buttocks Miley flag . By the way, in 2008, in the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan appeared naked Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, wrapped in the national flag. After the actress had to pay a fine of four thousand dollars.