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Charlie Sheen returns to TV series "Two and a Half Men"?

Charlie Sheen returns to TV series Two and a Half Men

American actor Charlie Sheen said that he would not mind to take part in the filming of the last season of the sitcom "Two and a Half Men." Despite the fact that the hero of the TV series bus is dead, the actor is hoping that the writers will be able to organize the appearance of his character in one of the last episodes of the season.

Charlie Sheen left the show in 2011 after a large-scale conflict with the management of the channel and the producer of the series Chuck Lorre. Meanwhile, the actor recently spokesman Jeff Ballard said that bus and Lorrie have a mutual friend, who cocked his former colleagues to discuss possible cooperation. Official comments from the management of CBS is not currently reported.

Last season sitcom "Two and a Half Men" kicks off October 30, 2014.