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Claudia Effenberg: with 10 men at the Oktoberfest

"So many folks say it: 'Oh, a minimum of to the Oktoberfest the 2 square measure along again'", therefore Claudia Effenberg still recently regarding the speculation to a pricey comeback with Stefan compared to Promiflash. That it's in truth solely bottomless gossip, appears to be turning into progressively clear. as a result of at this year's Oktoberfest it's meet not along with her ex, however with 10 different pretty boys! For her birthday tomorrow Claudia Effenberg has become so a really special gift...

"I reserved a table of 10 and there square measure extremely solely men. "I am the sole girl and one are going to be prettier than the opposite - and one nicer than the other", enthused the happy single over his programme to Promiflash. even supposing she had already many requests from friends - solely operation within the marquee Claudia would tolerate as another girl at the table. A too tempting choice of tasty-looking guys, your pure man table has another reason: "Then all of them have what to blaspheme", she jokes regarding the amusement of all Oktoberfest guests gift.

Claudia Effenberg with 10 men at the Oktoberfest