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Confirmed! Francisco Medina returns to AWZ

Confirmed! Francisco Medina returns to EEZ

Some time ago, had in all matters of Francisco Medina alias Maximilian von Altenburg adopt the fans. They had to watch as he (Nicholas Schmid) is buried alive by his nemesis Rafael Suarez. Since then he has been missing - now he returns

How RTL betrayed now, the son of Simone Steinkamp (Tatjana Clasing, 50) will return to Essen!. Although not much is known, but it is clear that Maximilian as part of the story of the death of his daughter Letizia series (Jennifer dessin Brasching, 29) reappears in episode 2063. From 24 November, the EEZ (AWZ)fans can again look forward to a familiar face.

While some actors who dance in the series on the "Steinkamp Dance Factory", get off the soap-life, seems the story of the erstwhile villain develop again. How will his family react to him and he agrees to the adoption of his son Alexander to? After all, planning Lena (Juliette Greco, 33) and Marian (Sam Eisenstein, 41) on the paper to be a family ...

Francisco Medina returns