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Crash with Mini-Van: Justin Bieber arrested!

Crash with Mini-Van_ Justin Bieber arrested

It had already indicated: Last week ran over Justin Bieber with its new quad bike almost a pensioner, now the teen star was arrested in connection with his fast vehicle by the police. The singer will be involved in an accident with a minivan. 

accident with a minivan

Justin should have had in the Canadian Perth County a collision with another road user, as TMZ reports. The driver of the minivan, the teen heartthrob had provided a palpable conflict. The alarmed police then took Justin fixed because of the tangibility and its driving recklessly. Although the 20-year-old was released after a short time, but he has to answer for his crimes in court later this month. Justin could this quad-trip come to stand still expensive: Just recently, he was sentenced to probation for an egg attack to one year.

Justin Bieber arrested