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Diva-Alert: Does Ariana Grande have airs and graces?

Ariana Grande have airs and graces

So far, took Ariana Grande the nude photo scandal to their person with humor: They even posted a specially Po-Selfie to dispel the rumors. However, whether the singer will not laugh at the latest allegations? Supposedly, the "problem" -Interpretin already bad airs and graces have developed

This maintains at least one employee who had to do with the singer at an event. "Ariana was a real nightmare," this is the Daily Star quoted. This is the teen idol who abused and bullied the crew in a bad way: "We have already worked with Lady GaGa, Madonna and Mariah Carey, but taken together, they were not as rude as" the employee continues with his indictment. Ariana is thus already a little diva? The producer of the event took shortly thereafter at E! Online comment on the allegations and denied this vehemently: ".. Cooperation with Ariana was beautiful She was very gracious and completely professional to the team"

Ariana Grande

Did the employee so be brought only on Ariana's cost this week? Or tried the producer with his statement to calm things down? Light into the darkness could bring a maximum of Ariana itself - but this has yet to comment on the allegations.