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Dramatic fall:Nicole Kidman's father died in an accident

Nicole Kidman's father died in an accident

According to Western media, the father of Hollywood star Nicole Kidman - Dr. Anthony David Kidman - less than a day ago, was killed in an accident.

He visited his daughter

While that information from members of the press a little bit, we only know that the tragedy took place in Singapore in the house younger sister of actress Antonia - reported that the man fell and died shortly afterwards.

Hospital Royal North Shore Hospital, where Dr. Kidman worked as a clinical psychologist at the moment has not commented on the incident. Representatives of the daughter of the deceased also have not had time to make a statement.

Nicole Kidman's father died in an accident

In addition to working at the Royal Northern Hospital Anthony David Kidman has also taught at the University of Technology Sydney. In addition, he was involved in breast cancer research, conducted seminars, regularly appeared on radio and television, and his works are constantly published in magazines. In 2005, he won the state award for his contribution to Australian clinical psychology.

Itself Nicole described one of the most important women in his life as a "great" man.

He's a great father. I can call him at three in the morning, and he would answer me.

- Shared as a celebrity.