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'Effie Gray': Dakota Fanning in the first trailer of the drama

Dakota Fanning in the first trailer of the drama

In the network appeared the first official trailer for the historical drama "Effie Gray" about the scandalous marriage critic John Ruskin and Effie Gray. Directed tape - Richard Laxton and starring Dakota Fanning played, Emma Thompson, Tom Sturridge and other stars. Thompson also acted as a writer, and her husband Greg Wise got the main male role.

Details about the plot. The action takes place in the era of Victorian England. In 1848, 19-year-old Effie Gray (Fanning) marries artkritika, poet and architect John Ruskin (Wise), which was familiar with early childhood. After the wedding, it turns out that he has an aversion to her body and can not make love to her. After the deep disappointment Fanning heroine falls in love with the artist John Millais (Sturridge) and begins to ensure that the marriage to Ruskin repealed. Effie entered the history of the world of the feminist movement as one of the first women who made it. In 1855, a year after breaking up with Ruskin, she married Millais. This marriage lasted 41 years, and Effie gave her husband eight children.

Note, work on the drama ended with a further 18 months ago, but its creators had to settle copyright issues with two writers who have previously created plays and scripts by the same story. That is why the tape "leaked" the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. At the end of this summer, the parties came to an agreement.

World Premiere of "Effie" is scheduled for October 10.

Stills from the trailer

Stills from the trailer

Stills from the trailer

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