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Elina Kamiren spoke about the serious family conflict

For four days, a couple of "Dom2" - Elina Camiri and Alexander Zadoinov - is under threat of disintegration: lovers quarrel and do not communicate. The conflict became jealous girls to seven year old daughter Alexandra:
"I heard Sasha lisp with his daughter on the phone, and wildly zarevnoval. I was so hurt that I made a scandal and beat him very much, and she fell on the night in the hospital. He is now in Yaroslavl "
- told" StarHitu "Elina. Future mom explains this behavior by hormones, which are now in full rage in her body. But Sasha with this state of affairs is not going to put up and, according to Elina, generally can leave it at any moment.

Elina admits her offense is not related to monetary costs of the groom and the father of her unborn child to another family, although it is clearly hurt. "He does not wasted on me! I did not ask, but still unpleasant. Of course, when the woman herself can earn, why, yes? Sasha sends them a penny, of course, thousands of 15, and if I had, I reproach him, he will say:
 "What are you in need?"
- Says Camiri.

Star of "Dom2" says:

 "When I returned from the hospital, I realized that my fault, and very worried. But I can not accept that Sasha's life. Now even acquainted with his daughter did not wish though before was pregnant, even sent her gifts, such as a designer handbag. Perhaps when the face, changed his mind, but now I set categorically. What is the relationship I have to his daughter? She has a mother and father".

In any case, Camiri hopes that this emotions calm down, and soon they will be reunited with Zadoynovym:
" I'm upset and do not know what will happen next. Waiting for his arrival, and I believe that this is just the characters".