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Emma Watson: First love nest with her Matthew

Emma Watson First love

Actress Emma Watson for some time now extremely happy in love with her boyfriend Matthew Janney. Despite all appearances and appointments that the starlet has to be completed, the affection between the two seems strong enough to master any short separations always good. This makes it but nonetheless finally have a common retreat for the couple, to which one can return home together, they now seem to be drawn together.

So at least it reports several eye witnesses who, the two lovebirds at busy hauling furniture want to have rugs and lamps observed. Everything should be packed into a large moving truck, the betrayed London passers against E! News: "The couple were very affectionate, as the two have carried around all the objects Sometime Matthew has his arm around Emma and kissed her.." Now is rumored that Sweet had actually already picked out a common place to live. How beautiful!