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Emma Watson - the next victim of a hacker attack

Emma Watson - the next victim of a hacker attack-post

Sometimes the celebrities do not envy: many of them have already become victims of hackers obtaining access to their personal information, which quickly became public. We remind the virtual thieves took photographs of such stars as Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian-now candid shots of celebrities "roam" on social networks.

Another victim of Emma Watson. At least, that's what they said attackers who threaten to post personal photos of the actress in the coming days.

The network has a page called "Emma, you're next," the countdown. According to him, some photos will be included in Watson's night on Friday. Hackers declare:

Do not forget, the most scandalous yet to come. 

Recall that the hackers are mostly "poured" into the network image, which shows the naked star, as well as their personal information - for example, the other day in an intimate social networks posted a message that Amber Heard wrote to her lover, Johnny Depp.

I must say, attackers compromised accounts Emma Watson is most likely not by chance decided to strike is now, while the world devoted to discussing her feminism speech during a meeting of the company United Nation Women.

way, Emma previously expressed about the hacking scandal:

awful to see how women's right to privacy grossly violated, but even worse - read disrespectful comments about it.

agree with the actress this time: the virtual thieves seem , have gone too far.

Emma Watson - the next victim of a hacker attack