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Enrique Iglesias: "I am not ashamed for sex!"

In his videos and on stage he is like the coveted Latin Lover, the front of attractive women can hardly save themselves and otherwise takes Enrique Iglesias does not mince words when it comes to the issues of sex and love. That his openness to some people might be offensive, the singer can not understand, for him, sexuality is something completely natural, which he also likes expresses.

His father Julio Iglesias is the epitome of Latin Lovers, therefore Enrique scored actually set this image already in the cradle. Inhibitions were never in this regard for him.
"I was never shy or ashamed of sexuality was in this respect. It's quite natural and human," 
he explains his point of view in relation to dpa. Also the criticism of liberal ladies like Miley Cyrus, he can not understand:
 "In music, you can experiment a lot and there are no rules when you sing about sex and you feel comfortable doing, then do it.."

 Latino Singer Enrique Iglesias