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Everything from mom: Miley Cyrus twerkt at breakfast

Miley Cyrus twerkt at breakfast

That they will do so often criticized for their favorite dance style, the Twerken finds Miley Cyrus is anything but fine. After all, the performance is cheerful too become something like her trademark. And anyway: For the musician of the urge to move is simply in the family! After all, Mama Tish has personally taught her sweet how to wiggle his bottom - and both perform the dance still together

"Every Saturday morning, when we together prepare the breakfast, we twerken in the kitchen ", the proud mother, according to Celebuzz," It's so incredibly funny! " That one you girls but in the media partially but so indelicate and represents little charming place Tish as her daughter sinister secret. On the other hand, it is aware: "I think anyone who is just a little interesting and takes risks, will sooner or later a target." The looseness Miley has probably also by their mom!

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