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Fans shocked: Is Rebecca Mir already too lean?

 Is Rebecca Mir already too lean

You are both former Germany's next Topmodel candidates, both still make their money in the model business, and now both have the same problem - only in reverse order. While Hana Nitsche confronted with kitten discussions, Rebecca Mir confront me skinny allegations. At least her fans worry at the latest since her last Facebook post huge.

Actually, Rebecca wanted only proudly present that she was so brave to run not only over broken, but to bounce. But what especially struck viewers, was her lean figure. "Much too thin now!", commented a user. "You look dangerously thin. You are still soo cute in 'Germany's next Topmodel ", wrote a follower of other concerned. Since the question in the room was thrown too quickly: "Eat You too what?"

Other fans look at Rebecca's character but with entirely different eyes and fuss about the lean comments. "Imagine, what she eat, otherwise she would be No more alive! Oh God, this stupid sayings in order to figure. She has a super figure and looks also totally healthy! ", responded to the question previously asked a user.