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From vacation to jail? Arrested! Gina-Lisa surprised at the airport

After relaxing holiday in Turkey completely recovered land in Germany and simply lapse back into the daily grind? This may in many average tourists be the case, but not in Gina-Lisa Lohfink. This has in fact surprised directly after landing at Cologne-Bonn airport by police and taken on Bureau. The reason: credit card fraud

The former Germany Next Top Model contestant had flown together with a companion on holiday. This was also taken away by the police, because he had Gina-Lisa invited on holiday. And according to reports, the entire image-all-inclusive travel with a foreign credit card payment. The owner was aware of it and filed a complaint. But the trash Lady was lucky: Against them is not determined, it is merely a witness in the fraud case. "I do not know anything and was invited, my companion wanted to pay for everything, I know him only for half a year., We rarely see," insisted the blonde.

The fraudulent friend of the 27-year-old holds the way it stated that he had bought the entire all-inclusive tour for 800 euros from a buddy. Who knows what about this statement is off - Gina-Lisa anyway, is long out fine.

Gina-Lisa to jail