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Full-time Daddy: Brad Pitt sets priorities

Moreover, the news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is At last gave the Yes Word enjoyed their followers around the globe. Since this great event, it has become somewhat calm around her. It is all the more interesting, to tell Brad what now about his family life.

He is not only a Hollywood star, philanthropist, but also a six-time father. Although he is all these things with great passion, but the family is with him always at the top. How serious he is about it, is particularly evident in his interview with the image. There, namely, he says that being dad is now his main job. How well he and Angelina do this job, you could convinced again and again in the past and most recently on the photos of the families-honeymoon on Malta. His fans must now but no worry about, that Brad is his acting career on the nail.