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Gael Garcia Bernal broke up with his wife Dolores Fonzi

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal broke up with his wife - actress from Argentina Dolores Fonzi. Their marriage lasted five years, and the couple have two children together - 5-year-old son Lazaro and 3-year-old daughter Libertad.

Mother 35-year-old Patricia Bernal confirmed the news and said that they were friends with Dolores:

Decisions are made, and they are as follows. We support each other as always. Mutual support and care are essential. Need to stay close. From time to time something fails, and sometimes not. But we must always take care of each other. Between all of us a strong friendship. Gael feels good. And the children. Dolores is also faring well.

As stressed mother Bernal, the main thing - the education of children:

necessary to get up and go through all this. The most important thing - the children, which you need to take care.

Now Gael alternately spends time in the native Mexico, in Argentina, where Dolores with their children. Last weekend he visited independent film festival in Telluride, which was presented to the drama with his participation "pink water" (Rosewater). Wedding ring on his finger Bernal was not.

Actors met in 2001 while filming "Private Lives" (Vidas Privadas), but only started dating in 2008 and married a year later. In 2006, Bernal had an affair with Natalie Portman.