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George Clooney: Amal parents pay the wedding

George Clooney_ Amal's parents pay the wedding

About financial problems, George Clooney can not complain despite impending marriage to his beloved Amal Alamuddin. His future in-laws keep it with the old tradition and engage the future couple on budget under the arms, even though the Hollywood star a fortune of 180 million dollars in the account.

Ramzi and Baria Alamuddin seem of the connection fully and to be entirely convinced. Alone with a great sense of tradition can not explain this financial injection well. The two were the Us Weekly According involved in the planning of the event. In terms of the date and location they gave their opinion on the best - and pulled out the wallet. "Crazy, but her family pays the majority," says a source to report.

Already on September 27 is expected to increase the celebration of love in Venice. The legendary George Clooney, the previously never really had a woman can tame, marries and seems to rejoice the heart of it.