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Greetings from the past: Britney is overwritten with the former?

Rumors about his personal life Britney Spears did not depart from the pages of the tabloids since last Friday, when the pop star released a social networking post, clearly giving to understand that from now on it is free. Now in the spotlight - Brit relationship with longtime ex-boyfriend.

Do you still remember the name - Adnan Ghalib? If not, let us recall that the paparazzi appeared in the life of a Brit is not the easiest period in early 2008, after her divorce from singer Kevin Federline, and shortly before the court placed her under the care of his father.

Roman, however, was short-lived. In 2009, a court decision Galib was forbidden contact with Britney and Jamie's father and part-time guardian star, regularly review the daughter cell for calls and messages from a banned user. However, it seems not enough attention: the rumors that Britney continues to communicate with eksom, from time to time appeared in the press, and a close circle of insiders say they still found a clever way to a secret from his father.

In short, after a couple of days after Britney announced parting with David Lucado, in the press there was a rumor that Ghalib back in touch. According to sources, Spears sent his former long SMS, while Lucado irrevocably preremestilsya the category non grata and the black list in the phone book.

As we already reported, Lucado upset and do not lose hope obyasnitsya on the charge of treason. However, insiders say that Brit is going through no less. At the moment she is in Las Vegas with his big show A Piece of Me. Says an insider:

It in Vegas, and her heart beat. But she's right - she's a strong girl.

Well, let's hope that Britney really fast to settle down and live through the black band.

Adnan Ghalib

Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears, February 2008
Adnan Ghalib and Britney Spears, February 2008