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Hair fiasco: Kanye West wears arrow hairstyle

Kanye West wears arrow hairstyle

Hard to believe that Kanye West actually makes for a change with something other than his impetuous mind for headlines. Following last week to upset still on his wheelchair faux pas, you wonder now about his new hairstyle.

The Kardashian clan seems Khloe not be the only one who has wanted a new look. Kanye West also has longed for some variation and so he paid a visit to his barber. From the result, one can be convinced to actual photos. For a family trip to Australia, he was in fact spotted with a rather unusual hair creation. The rapper could be einrasieren by his longtime barber six arrowheads into short hair. What wants self-proclaimed "Yeezus" to tell us, is not really clear, but probably lies here, as in everything he does, a message behind it.