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hairstyle?Fiery and untamed! Katy Perry hair ignites

Fiery and untamed! Katy Perry hair ignites

Your look changed pop diva Katy Perry only too happy - costumes, nails, eyebrows, everything is remodeled, dyed and pimped up as it goes straight. Since it is almost part of the compulsory repertoire, in terms of hairstyle always top it. She has recently also made

wild, untamed and with pink fringe - so Katy currently presented on a Selfie on Instagram. Her inspiration was there probably "Animal", the crazy drummer from the "Muppet Show", at least she chooses this personally to her style model. "This totally hot hair" with the bright peaks it seems at it with joy to celebrate itself. Find your fans, hence it was quite a "Swag Girl". But not only that, some of them elect equal to "Queen", and even though she was quite simply "perfect".

Katy Perry