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Kanye West was hospitalized before a concert in Australia

Currently, Kanye West on tour in Australia. But shortly before his appearance in Melbourne is now a disaster happens. With serious health problems, he was admitted rapper and family man to a hospital. The first suspicion of doctors was allegedly even stroke!

Over the back entrance Kanye was funneled afternoon against two clock by bodyguards in a Melbourne hospital. His wife Kim Kardashian should not have been there. An eyewitness reported against Women's Day:
"My daughter just had an MRI, but then suddenly burst security guards in and asked the people to leave the waiting room and treatment rooms I stayed because my daughter was not ready yes...
Shortly afterwards, the famous emergency patient appeared:
 "Then Kanye was purely borne, surrounded by sheer Security One side of his face was covered We were totally shocked, because it looked very serious...
According to the eyewitness, the doctors feared that Kanye had a stroke or could get, and wanted to do an MRI immediately. "Everyone was in a panic"

meantime, however, there is clear. According to a report from Radar Online the industrious music mogul is said to have "only" had a severe headache. After a migraine treatment fared well soon better and he could occur as planned in Melbourne. His remaining three concerts in Australia are reportedly not in danger.