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is pregnan!t: Princess Charlene never really be in Monaco

Finally she is pregnant and slowly you can see it: So really arrived seemed to Princess Charlene never really be in Monaco, but it seems as if the happy circumstances in which it is now, they actually facilitate. However, should the first lady of the Princely House continue to suffer -. Although it now looks a little more hope for themselves

So Daily Beast reports that it was an important psychological distress for the princess in recent years, that they had brought no heir apparent to the world. "Even now they are not expected to be absorbed suddenly warm in the company of Monaco, but she thinks it after birth - especially if it should be a son - has more freedom and can do their own thing," says a well-informed insider. Therefore, should at Charlene persist the secret desire to live again in South Africa - or even London or Paris, anywhere as long as it is not Monaco. For since they had also refused to learn French, they could never find real friends. An isolated and sad existence that must eke Charlene here? Hopefully changes with the coming of this situation somewhat, it should really be that bad for them to live in the city-state on the Mediterranean.

is pregnan!t Princess Charlene never really be in Monaco