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It's official: This Simpsons character dies

For all fans of the cult series The Simpsons it was a real shock: A few months ago showrunner Al Jean announced that the start of the 26th season a character of yellow Springfield residents must die. Now the said episode was shown in the United States and it is clear which character will never be seen again.

Warning, spoilers! 

Hardworking "Simpsons" onlookers puzzled for a long time, which figure is divorced from the comic life. After all, was already known that the character is spoken by Emmy-winner and the first images appeared, on which both Homer, and Krusty the Clown fought for their lives. But contrary to all assumptions now died not the crazy clown, but his father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky.

All Series fans can breathe so. You do not have to give up a main character, but only to a minor character in the future. In addition, Al told told The Hollywood Reporter that Homer had not divorced from the life of "The Simpsons". So he said: "I would lose my job within two seconds if I would let him Homer die nothing will happen -. Trust me."