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Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: So fatal was their love!

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: So fatal was their love

For three years, they were not only the coolest, but also the craziest couple in the entertainment industry. But how blatant the relationship between Kate Moss and Johnny Depp is actually expired, is only now being revealed in a new book. Describes it as a love story that was passionate and destructive to Johnny and Kate at the same time.

As the model and actor met in February 1994, it was alleged uniformity of zero to one hundred. "They drank together something that took some coke and then went to his hotel room, where she is the entire next day buried because of a snow storm," writes author Maureen Callahan in her book "Champagne Supernova", which is quoted by Radar Online. Soon they were the "smartest couple on drugs" in Hollywood and were notorious for extremely hard to celebrate. Especially Kate Moss was more extreme in their behavior: "Once she sniffed three grams of cocaine and drank a bottle of vodka vodka because her one doctor has said that she could get her look so you moved so fast so much into it.. that you have given her the nickname 'The Tank"

In the course of time pointed to the relationship more and more. With its extreme moodiness Johnny scared his girlfriend, there were violent dispute. With a huge crash, the actor is said to have caused damage in the amount of $ 10,000 in a hotel room. Due to the enormous drug use Kate got delusions and suspects her significant other to cheat them. They should obsessed provides a veritable have been of him. 1997 finally ended Johnny the fatal relationship, as even him the party making and Kate's devotion were too much, says the author. Her grief had stunned the Forsaken with drugs and engage in wild threesome sex with Jew Law (41) and his then partner Sadie Frost (49) plunged.

After a brief love revival a year later Johnny 1998 had definitively concluded made - supposedly in an interview for his film "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas".