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Josephine Schmidt: Be back soon with new series

Josephine Schmidt Be back soon with new series

Whether the music projects of Felix of Jascheroff or the artist's life in the case of Lisa Riecken: There are some things, know their newfound time to use with which the former GZSZ Stars. So also actress Josephine Schmidt Celebrity Flash betrayed exclusive, how is she today.

"What GZSZ Paula doing now, I do not know, which is probably still in Canada in any woman camp and is 'ne totally excellent farmer become "

Josephine mused at the beginning of the interview about possible life paths their former series figure. Looking at her own life because of the verdict was already clear:
"Right now I'm more in the dubbing studio I have my passion for synchronizing discovered.." 
Whether Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl or Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars - already so few characters in renowned productions lent her voice Josephine.
"The fetzt total"
 _the multi-talent.

Nevertheless, fans of Josephine must not be satisfied with her voice, because soon they can also be seen on TV again!
"I just shot - I do not know if I may say so - for a new ZDF-series as much as I can say definitely," 
the former GZSZ-Star was still a little opaque.

Josephine Schmidt