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Just change: Ciara again meets with blak

According to the Western press, Ciara again meets with ex-fiance Future, despite the rapper's infidelity.

Singer was extremely depressed when the fact of treason was exposed, but for the sake of a happy future for his son Zaheer she is ready to close my eyes to many things:

Ciara cares about his son who needs a father around the clock and every day.

- said a source close to the actress, who also added that at the moment celebrities live together and are aimed at to create a favorable atmosphere in the house for the growth and development of the baby.

Recall that the actors got engaged in October last year, and in May of 2014 was born their first-born. And not so long ago, it became clear that Future changed Ciara with a girl who has long been in his immediate environment - Taryn Lee, engaged in his wardrobe.