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Keanu Reeves: surprised In his sleep by stalker

Maybe Keanu Reeves should contact once with Shia LaBeouf in connection to exchange experiences: after the transformers star was recently held by a crazy stalker for Albert Einstein, there was an unfortunate event in his home for Keanu: Center on the night of the "matrix"-Held was surprised by a confused woman.

At four o'clock in the morning, the actor was cut by noises in his villa from sleep. During the tour, he discovered a roughly 40-year woman who sat in his chair and silently looked at him in his library. According to TMZ, the Hollywood-star to have surprisingly left and attentively responded. Quietly, he addressed the woman then was just to be To want to meet her idol. Just as quietly, Keanu called the police shortly thereafter picked up the stalker and psychiatric study settled following.

How is the woman had gained access to Keanus Villa, is still a mystery, because his house in the Hollywood Hills is actually completely shielded. But who reacts to uninvited guests as cool as Keanu Reeves, takes in and of itself no further safety precautions.

Keanu Reeves surprised In his sleep by stalker