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Kim Kardashian takes over selfie "Ice Dare", see video

Kim Kardashian takes over selfie _Ice Dare

Joking happened during the recording debut of the new season of Ellen DeGeneres program, which airs in the USA.

After everyone and then some have already completed the "Ice Dare", Kim Kardashian finally decided to join in the fun. The socialite was invited by Ellen DeGeneres to the program of the new season premiere of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and, while writing, agreed to carry a bucket of ice water on his head, with the help of the host itself. Detail: always connected, Kim made sure to record the moment with a selfie, just in time to take the cold water bath.

The video, posted on the official Instagram of the program, only shows a preview of the ice bath Kim, who goes to the full air the premiere program in the United States

Watch the video!